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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

MLGW Board votes for flexible payment policies

It's just starting to cool down but already MLGW is laying out plans to be ready for winter. There's a rate increase on the table but there are also programs to help make sure your heat stays on.

When it comes to your power bill, the writing is on the wall.  

"The people that can't afford to pay for their bills are even less able to afford it now," says MLGW Interim Chief Jerry Collins.

With that in mind, the MLGW board of directors voted this week to be more flexible about their current payment policies.

Customers requesting an extension on their bill now have to pay just twenty five percent of their outstanding balance rather than the previous requirement of fifty percent to qualify for a deferred payment plan.

For ratepayers who are disabled or older than 60, there's the Winter Moratorium Program.

It will ensure that qualified ratepayers won't be disconnected for non-payment during the months of December, January and February. The deadline to enroll is November 15th.

The MLGW board also voted this week to change their deposit policy.

The standard $125 deposit can be waived for new customers who provide a letter of good credit from another utility company.

And deposits will be refunded to ratepayers with a good payment history after 24 months rather than 36 months.

MLGW hopes these changes will help customers better manage the cost of keeping warm.

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