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Jarvis Greer

Tigers Get Running/Passing at Rice

Sometimes a road trip can be good for what ails a struggling football team.

The Memphis Tigers went on the road over the weekend at Rice, and did everything coach Tommy West said they needed to do to get back on the winning track..

One... Memphis ran the ball, and ran it about as well as it ever did when a certain DeAngelo Williams was toting the Mail.

Former Melrose High Star Joseph Doss put up 175 yards on 26-carries to go with 1 Touchdown.

The Tigers netted 247 yards total rushing.

Two..get good play out of the Quarterback...

Martin Hankins returned from injury to throw for more than 300-yards with 3-Touchdowns against only 1 interception..

Hankins hits the game winning bomb to former Whitehaven Tiger Maurice Jones with 5-minutes left.

Three... Forget about everything else and just play..

 The Tigers didn't get flustered at any setback during action and won the game 38-to-35.

  West says:

"The time for me to lead is now... It's tough for the players to hear they can't play and their coach is an idiot. It's easy when it's going good... You don't have to say anything to them. The Time to get the up to go is when it's bad."

The Tigers, now 2-and-1 in C-USA, remain in Conference play this Saturday against Tulane in New Orleans..

The Tigers didn't get flustered at any setback, and won the game 38-35.

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