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Nick Kenney reports

Investigation complete in case of wandering child

There are new details about the four-year-old boy found wandering alone on a busy Memphis Street.

Police say the four-year-old boy's mother will not be charged in this matter. Police also say their investigation is complete and closed.

The case is now in the hands of the Department of Child Services exclusively.

The investigation revolves around bizarre circumstances on Lamar Avenue at four o'clock Monday morning, when police were called to the Love's truck stop.

A stranger had just dropped in and dropped off a four-year-old boy he'd just found wandering alone and barefoot on Lamar Avenue.

The child is healthy. He isn't hurt. Police believe he just managed to get out of his mother's apartment on his own and then started wandering down the street.

The Department of Child Services is involved in the case. Officials there say they cannot comment about this case specifically, but that the main goal is to make sure the child is safe and that the child will stay safe.

They add that these situation happen more than you might think.

"Sometimes it's because a child was particularly clever about how to get out of the house. Or maybe somebody miscommunicated about who was supposed to be watching the child. And then there's some really sad cases where it happens where there's some extreme neglect," says Rob Johnson with Tennessee Department of Children Services.

DCS says they cannot tell us where the four-year-old is right now.

However, they do try to keep kids with birth parents as much as possible and sometimes try to find a family member to care for a child for an interim period while some issues are cleared up at home.

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