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Reported by Ben Watson

Grandmother says Manassas shooting victim is recovering

Katie Williams Katie Williams

When Anthony Williams was released from the hospital yesterday his grandmother, Katie Williams was in the back seat.

"Oh yes he's sore he sore, cause quite naturally he got a hole in his arm," she said. "You know he's having pains."

Williams said what's also causing her grandson pain is the fact that the bullet that hit him came from a gun that belonged to one of his best friends, Markees Smith.

"And that's just it - They were friends, and that was an accident, and I hope the best for this young man," she said.

Williams said it was a bad idea to bring that gun to school, but her family has forgiven Markees Smith for wounding her grandson.

"Put it in God's hands. He is the only one who can work it out," she said.

Williams said she was Smith and his mother, and was thankful they came forward after the shooting.

"I respect her," Williams said. "She was on the Bobby O'Jay show this morning, and she's just talking so much. I feel for her."

Williams has raised her grandson since his mother died in 1996.  She said she hopes his shooting generates a greater awareness about the dangers of kids handling guns, especially at school.

Anthony Williams was prescribed medicine for his pain.  His grandmother said he will likely return to school Monday.

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