California family flees to Germantown while waiting out raging wildfire - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Andrew Douglas

California family flees to Germantown while waiting out raging wildfire

If you had 10 minutes to leave your house, what would you bring?

That was the question Mid-South native Laura David and her husband Mike had to answer this week when they escaped a raging wildfire in Southern California.

"It's a scary feeling to see the smoke in the distance...very red the flames out there," Mike David said.  "Not knowing if your home is there or not is a scary moment." 

The Davids say the scary moments continue as theypass the time watching and waiting with their young children, wondering if it is ok to go back to their home in San Marcus, north of San Diego.  The couple admits: they're wondering if they'll have a home.

For now, they're staying in Germantown, where Laura grew up.

Mike David described the scene as the family realized it was time to flee.

"I got about 10 minutes to decide what we really need to take, and got out of there in about 10 minutes," he said. 

Essential items like insurance documents, photo albums, and family videos were thrown in a bag.

"(You) just have to roll with it and have faith and pray, and know that even if something horrible happens, they'll be some good things that'll happen too," Laura said.

The Davids said their entire life is on hold.  Their three-year-old daughter's birthday party has been postponed, and classes have been canceled at the high school where Mike works as an athletic director.  The reports on TV remind them of the destruction they left behind, and why there are here in the Mid-South.

But with firefighters getting the upper hand, a clearer picture of the damage report is coming into focus, as the Davids hope their home remains untouched.

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