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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Gun found inside backpack at Crestview Middle School in Covington

Guns on school campuses are being discovered everywhere, both in big and small communities. Parents and educators are now taking action.

Earlier this week it was Memphis. Friday morning it was Covington. Now, parents are trying to calm fears while a principal searches for solutions hoping to create a gun-free campus.

Covington Police took two Crestview Middle School students into custody Friday after one of them brought a gun onto the school's campus.

Sheila Holland is a concerned mother. She's surprised and stunned. A handgun showed up at the Covington Middle School where her daughter attends. "Sometimes you pick up on certain kids and sometimes you can't," says Holland. 

On Friday morning, school leaders did in fact pick up on something that sent up a red flag for one teacher.

The two 8th graders at Crestview Middle landed at the Principals Office where staff uncovered a small handgun in a backpack, both students blaming the other for bringing it on campus.

"The weapon was not loaded and it's a blessing that no harm came today," says Principal James Fields.

During his six years as principal at Crestview, James Fields has never had to deal with guns until now.

What's worse is gang recruiting material found in that same backpack, making Friday's discovery even more alarming. "I do feel that we have gang concerns in this area," adds Fields.

The 13-year old and 14-year old were taken to the Juvenile Detention Center in Memphis facing gun charges and also facing expulsion.

"I just hate to have it happen right here where we are used to being so safe," says one parent.

Now school leaders are hoping new ideas and proposals will put parents fears at ease.

Close to 900 students attend Crestview Middle School in Covington.  Field said the gun was not loaded, and classes were not interrupted.

The new ideas are expected to come from a meeting in Covington November 5th with school board members.

Right now, the school does not have metal detectors but expect that and other security to come up at that meeting next month.

Officials said both students will face gun charges.

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