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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Grand Jury investigates MCS bidding practices

There's new information into the grand jury investigation of construction bidding practices at Memphis City Schools.

Former superintendent Carol Johnson is defending herself while serving in her new role in Boston.

It's all over a Commercial Appeal report that the grand jury is looking into Former Shelby County Commissioner Bruce Thompson and his involvement with a school construction project.

FBI spokesperson George Bolds confirmed that the FBI is investigating Memphis City Schools.

Just four months into her new job as superintendent of Boston Public Schools, former Memphis City Schools Superintendent Dr. Carol Johnson is under media scrutiny for a controversy brewing in Memphis.

The Boston Globe asked Johnson about a grand jury investigation of Memphis City School Construction contracts.

"I'd ask too. I mean FBI doesn't stand for father brother and I. I mean this is serious business," says City School Board Commissioner Kenneth Whalum, Jr.

Whalum has not been asked to testify, but some of his fellow school board members have.

The FBI probe centers around school construction bids that may have been profitable for certain public officials in their private businesses.

"I think it is evidence of a pattern of a way of doing business that in the corporate world wouldn't even be considered," adds Whalum.

Dr. Johnson responded to the Globe by saying she doesn't believe she or her former staff are being targeted. Adding, "over the last year and a half, I think, the FBI has been looking at elected officials roles in various activities that they've been concerned about."

Whalum says no elected officials should be allowed to profit professionally from government business. "It would seem to me that that would be common sense but common sense ain't so common," Whalum adds.

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