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Reported by Nick Kenney

Group demands results of Farrow death investigation

Debra Farrow Debra Farrow

Surrounded by support and cramped behind a counter, Debra Farrow is tiring, "I have been sitting back patiently waiting for an answer."

Faroow wants an answer in the death of her son DeAuntae Farrow, shot and killed by a West Memphis police officer in late June, more than four months ago.

Soon thereafter, the state assigned a set of special prosecutors to investigate and the case is still wide open.

"We want closure and we want it soon," says Greg Grant of National Action Network.

The Memphis chapter of the National Action Network called a news conference Monday morning in West Memphis, where they asked for answers in the investigation into the shooting death of 12-year-old DeAunta Farrow.

Representatives of the National Action Network, along with Debra Farrow, said the results of an investigation into DeAunta Farrow's death were long overdue.

The group said they would make a formal written request to the Arkansas Attorney General's office asking for results of the investigation to be released. 

Group members also said they planned to ask State Representative Otis Davis, the grandfather of the child walking with Farrow when he was killed, to sit down with Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe to make a personal request for the results.

Unseld Nance Junior was walking with Farrow that night. Davis says he'll meet with the governor to register displeasure and demand answers.

"How long's it going to take? six months? Another six months? And I think some closure needs to come," says Davis. "Our belief is that all the facts as far as they know them have been recorded and further we believe that theve not yet released that information because of the negative implications that may come," adds Davis.

Debra Farrow adds, "All I want for my son is justice. And an answer from the prosecutors as soon as possible. "I have been up so many sleepless nights, just thinking about my son and how this investigation is going to turn out," she said.  "All I want for my son is justice, and an answer from prosecutors."

Members of the National Action Network also said they were planning a public forum in West Memphis, to be held in mid-November.

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