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UPDATE: Olive Branch man will not be charged after shooting carjacker

David Andre Bates David Andre Bates

Reported by Kontji Anthony

Authorities say Keith Gray acted in self defense when he shot David Bates and won't face any charges. But Bates, faces aggravated assault charges in addition to carjacking.

Gray says he had a split second to decide what to do. And in the end, he says he wanted to keep a mark on the man who marked his family.

He also says it was three minutes that felt like an eternity. "I wouldn't wish that on anyone to see a shotgun to their mother's head. Not knowing if he was going to shoot her, home invasion, lots of things run through your mind," says Gray.

After hearing his mother scream, Keith Gray found her in the garage with a carjacker holding a shotgun to her head.

Gray says when suspect David Bates took off in his mother's car, he jumped into his own car. Gray has a permit to carry a gun.

"I didn't want this man to pursue into Memphis, you know, and commit another crime on someone else and then me feel liable that I had the opportunity to stop him and didn't stop him," explains Gray.

Gray says, less than a mile away, Bates pointed his shotgun at him, so he shot three time into his mother's vehicle.

After Bates jumped out the car, leaving his shotgun behind, Gray says Bates came at him and he didn't know if he had another weapon, so he shot him in the thigh.

"There are some people that are just willing to stand up to do what it takes to try to stop the crime from coming down here from leaking into this area," says Gray.

But, Gray prays Bates gets well. "Our family is a strong Christian family and our prayers are with him for his recovery and let the authorities do with him what needs to be done," adds Gray.

His family has had an outpouring from the community. But he wishes it never happened in the first place.

Bates was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

Reported by Nick Kenney

An Olive Branch man will not be charged in a Monday afternoon shooting that sent a carjacker to the hospital.

Shelby County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Steve Shular said Keith Gray, 44, would not be charged in a shooting that occurred after his elderly mother was carjacked in the driveway of her Olive Branch home Monday.  The carjacking led to a chase between the Gray and her alleged attacker, which ended with the carjacker being shot. 

Just after 1:30 Monday, Bobbie Gray, 71, arrived at her home in the 9100 block of Hickory Drive in Olive Branch.  As she got groceries from the trunk of her car, investigators said David Andre Bates, 18, of Memphis, approached her, armed with a shotgun. 

Investigators said Bates put the gun to her head.  As Gray screamed, Bates got into the elderly woman's car and sped away. 

The victim's son, Keith Gray, who was the home, saw what happened.  Carrying a gun, he got into his car and chased Bates.

Investigators said the chase lasted nearly three miles. According to Gray, during the chase Bates pointed the shotgun at him.  Gray then shot at Bates at least three times.  Bates was struck in the left hip by one of the bullets.

Both vehicles continued west on State Line Road, where Bates jumped out of the stolen car.  The unmanned vehicle traveled several hundred feet, crossed a ditch, and came to rest in a field. 

Gray stopped his car and confronted Bates, telling him not to move.  When Bates refused, Gray shot him a second time.  The bullet landed in his knee.

Bates was transported to The MED, and was charged Monday night with aggravated Carjacking.  An additional charge of aggravated assault was added against Bates on Tuesday.

Shular said Keith Gray, who had a permit to carry a gun, will not face charges in the incident.


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