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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Action News 5 Investigators: Miscarriage of Justice?

It was all caught on tape:  A pregnant Memphis woman, pulled over by a LaVergne, Tennessee police officer.  During the traffic stop, the driver, Stephanie Taylor, can be seen as she was dragged from her car and thrown to the ground.

According to Taylor, it happened because she wanted to see the officer's radar gun.

Weeks after the incident, Taylor suffered a miscarriage, and the officer who pulled her over was fired. 

Now, ten months later, city leaders in LaVergne are after Taylor again.

Currently attending school at Middle Tennessee State University, Taylor told Action News 5 she thinks about what happened every day.

"Maybe that was a sign from God or something that this just isn't the right time," she said.
Time is all Taylor has now to talk about her baby, and the pain she said was caused during the traffic stop on January 3, 2007.

The dash cam on the officer's car caught the entire incident on tape.

It was a speeding citation the LaVergne Police Chief said should have never ended in such a way.

"I felt like I was robbed of something that I shouldn't been robbed of," Taylor said of her miscarriage. "It's not like I did something wrong in any way, shape, or form."
Taylor went to court to fight the ticket she got that night. She lost. She paid more than $200 dollars to appeal, and has the check as proof the city cashed it.  But the city of LaVernge insists Taylor didn't pay, and now wants $100 more to make it all go away.

Action News 5's Andrew Douglas tried repeatedly to talk to anyone at LaVergne City Hall and the LaVergne Police Department who could explain why the city wants to take more from Stephanie Taylor.

To date, no one has commented.

For her part, Taylor said she she will continue to fight back.  She recently filed a $1.25 million federal lawsuit citing a violation of her constitutional and civil rights.  Rights, she said, which include motherhood.

"I'm sure that I would be one of the greatest mothers around," she said.  "You know, I wonder, 'What if?'"

For now Taylor waits, and she claims she will keep LaVergne waiting for another check.

Taylor's case is scheduled to be heard next summer.

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