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Reported by Nick Kenney

Poll workers tell Election Commission: 'Show me the money'

More than 1400 poll workers helped with this month's Memphis election. But now they're outraged they haven't been paid for their work.

Poll workers are paid less than a hundred bucks a day but it's money some say they could use. It's money for which the election commission is apologizing.

Dozens of workdes spent 15 hours a day or more at the polls. Now, Ellen Tucker is angry. "Three weeks later, four weeks later and it's about to be the run-off November 8th and we can't get paid yet," says Tucker.

She is one of 1489 poll workers legally obligated to work the upcoming run-off election, even though they have not yet been paid for the general election.

"All we're asking is that we took time out of our lives to help our community with their election at least do right by us. That's all we're asking," adds Tucker.

Election Commission officials say the problem is in the process. Poll worker payroll, they say, is not computerized. Instead, it's done the hard way, by hand.

"In generating that payroll, we did realize that there was an error in the payroll and we had to make that correction before we could issue the checks to our polling officials," says Administrator of Elections, James Johnson.

The error is fixed according to Johnson. He says, the checks will be ready by Wednesday morning and mailed out by Wednesday afternoon.

Johnson says he wants the poll workers to know that he's very sorry. "Just like to apologize to them."

Still, Ellen Tucker says she's still very frustrated. She's disappointed and preparing for another 15 hours she hopes to get paid for.

There is a run-off election orientation for poll workers Wednesday evening. Tucker says her first question will center around her still outstanding paycheck.

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