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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Thieves steal personal data from Mid-South lab

There's a consumer alert about a major security breach at a local laboratory. One break-in into a billing office leaves more than 75,000 names addresses and social security numbers in the hands of theives.

In a three page letter from Pathology group of the Mid-South, it explains in detail the break-in that occurred at their billing office on Knight Arnold on September 23rd.

Burglars stole four top of the line computers. One of the desktops taken had a disc with all the billing information for 75,000 people.

One of those receiving a letter was Richard Hudelson. "If it gets out in the wrong hands it could destroy me," says Hudelson. 

Hudelson is upset it happened and worried what could happen next. "The company waited too long to get the information out," he added.

He says the break-in happened in late September and he didn't get the letter until one month later.

Hudleson wants to know what took the company so long to report the burglary.

Dr. Thomas Chesney of the Pathology Group Of The Mid-South says, "The police didn't want us to send the letter immediately because they were worried that it might interfere in their investigation."

They admit it took a while to determine which identities were stolen. Now company executives insist the lab is much more secure.

Chesney adds, "We've added more sophisticated locks. We now have security people on site in the hours when we would be concerned about this."

But Hudelson says it's too late. "If it gets out in the wrong hands I will file a lawsuit."

It's a breach of security that could be costly to the company and its customers.

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