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Jarvis Greer

Grizzlies Ready for Opening Night vs Spurs at FedExForum

Season Number 62 for the NBA opens tonight with several games around the Country....

Season Number 7 for the Memphis Grizzlies tips off tomorrow here in the Bluff City..and this year, the Grizz will start off with a Full Deck.

There will not be a second straight year on the bench for Pau Gasol opening night.

His sprained ankle is feeling better and declares himself ready to go.

"I don't know how long i'll be able to go since i missed the last 2-weeks of training camp and pre-season games, but i'm definitely going to go as long as i can. Play as strong as i can."

The big story coming out of camp is the re-emergence of Stromile Swift.

He's once again in the Grizzlies plans after playing extremely well.

Stro says he wants to turn over the proverbial new leaf.

"I think you'll see me play with a lot more energy, a lot more passion than in the past. We have a new coach, new players, we all like and push each other. it's a new year."

Grizzlies Veteran Point Guard is pleasantly surprised with the Stro Show.

"I've never seen him play like this. His work habits, his approach to the game.. If he keeps this up.. look out!"

 Head Coach Marc Iavaroni is the man who makes the roster...and Stromile has made it.

 "He's earned the minutes with his play in the Pre-Season. His energy around the rim. His Rebounding and Shot Blocking. He belongs on the floor.

Stoudamire, like Swift has plenty to prove this season.

So far he's shown his surgically repaired knee is 100 percent.

He'll start in front of young guns Kyle Lowry and Mike Conley, Jr.

  "I may not be the future of this team.. I'm just keeping the seat warm for them till they're ready. Until then, i've got the keys to the car and i'm dirving it." 

We're all ready for Opening night vs. the World Champion San Antonio Spurs. 7pm Wednesday night 7pm at FedExForum.

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