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Reported by Ben Watson

Underwear-clad suspect arrested after being shot

Memphis Police took a man into custody Wednesday morning after a bizarre series events that included a car crash, a shooting, and a suspect in his underwear.

Officers said it all started when a man crashed his car into a pole in the 6500 block of Poplar Pike early Wednesday.  The man ran to a nearby house, where he began banging and kicking on a door.

Leroy Bruce, the owner of the home shot, the man after he kicked in one of the house's windows.  According to Bruce, the man ran off after he was shot, leaving his pants and other clothing behind.

"All his clothes were off," Bruce said.  "His clothes were here on the porch."

Bruce never got a clear look at the suspect.

"I never did see him face to face," he said.  "He jumped up, and when he knocked the window out, I shot."

The suspect fled to a nearby McDonalds.  There, he threw a rock through the restaurant's front window.  He was eventually apprehended by Memphis Police at the McDonalds, wearing only a shirt and underwear.

Witnesses said the suspect's lack of clothing made him easy to spot.

"I can't even call that stupid," said Lisa Fuqua, who witnessed the incident.  "He had to be on some high powered something.  I mean cause if you're hurt or anything, it would be more sense to leave your pants on. Walking around, showing everything God gave you, makes you obvious."

The suspect, who has not been identified, was transported to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis.  Besides a bullet wound, Bruce said the suspect cut his leg as he kicked out a window on Bruce's home.  He was still bleeding when officers arrested him at the restaurant.

Police said the man will be charged when he is released from the hospital.

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