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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Action News 5 Special Report: The Hannah Montana Tour

Disney's wildly popular Hannah Montana tour rolls through Memphis later this month and thousands of Mid-South fans are outraged over the price gouging controversy associated with the show.

Action News Five sent a crew to St. Louis for the first stop on the teen's tour to give you an inside look at the show, and to find out what happened to all those seats being sold for thousands of dollars!

After an opening set by the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, also known as 14-year-old Miley Cyrus, was lowered from the ceiling in an illuminated cube to the tune of her own "Rock Star."

More than 15,000 young fans watched the 70-minute show, which was sold out, in awe.

For parents, many of the tickets came at a steep price.

“(I) called every broker I could get ahold of,” said parent Steve Bardol.  “Found two tickets in the second row.  $3,500 for the two of them.”

Bardol was choked up, proud he could deliver on a promise to his two girls, after tickets to the show sold out in two minutes.

Other parents had more lint than loot in their pockets.

“Ridiculous,” was how Mary Eggars, who wanted to buy tickets for family members, described prices online brokers were asking.  “It’s not right.”

Eggars got lucky.  Just one day before the concert, she was able to obtain two tickets for face value from Ticketmaster.

“One was $53.50, and one was $63.50,” she said.

Unfortunately, the seats were not together.

A spokesperson for FedExForum said more tickets for the currently sold out Memphis show may be released closer to the concert date, as they were in St. Louis.

Still, some fans at the St. Louis show who couldn't get tickets from Ticketmaster resorted to donning signs asking for a Hannah handout.

“We made them to see if we could get some,” one young girl said.
Those fans had little luck.  But fans who did get in said they were worth every penny.

“They rocked,” Alyssa Bardol said. “You could feel the ground moving.  It was just incredible."

And for those who speculated the high prices would leave empty seats...

“There were no empty seats,” said Alyssa’s sister Nicole. “Every seat was completely taken."

It was an hour and ten minutes of high-pitched praise for a singing sensation sweeping the nation!

  • For more on the Hannah Montana tour, check out the interactive features on this page.  The video player to the right contains more video from the Bardols that you didn't see on TV. 
  • Lower down the page, check out pictures the Bardols took at the show. 
  • Below this story, you'll find a map of concert locations and dates.  We've even included a link to online broker, where you can research just how expensive the tickets are getting.


Using the map below, you can chart Hannah Montana's nationwide concert tour. Click on a purple pushpin to find out when she will perform in that location. Since tickets to all shows are sold out, we've included links to 3rd party seller, where tickets may be available.

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