Mother says school bus driver let fight go too far - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Nick Paranjape

Mother says school bus driver let fight go too far

A Mississippi mother claims a DeSoto County Schools bus driver did not do enough to stop a recent fight on her daughter's school bus.

When Mercedes Chadd, a 7th-grader from Lake Cormorant Middle School in Mississippi, saw two boys start fighting inside the school bus, she took out her cell phone and started recording.

"Everyone at school records the good fights," she said

After getting punched once in the face, one of the boys can be seen ending the fight and telling the bus driver what happened. 

"Once the real fight started, she radioed the bus shop and the bus shop got there in less than a minute and they called the police," Mercedes Chadd said.

Mercedes' mother, April, was furious.  April Chadd said the bus driver should have prevented the fight. 

"That lady didn't get up, and get back there, get a hold of them, and drag them off there," she said.   

Mercedes said the bus was full of students, from kindergartners to high school freshmen.  Her mother said the bus driver put everyone in danger.

"It could've been worse.  They could've thrown down.  They could've had weapons.  Anything could've happened," she said. 

A spokesperson with DeSoto County Schools said the driver followed protocol and reacted in a calm manner.  

A driver is allowed to intervene when there is a fight on the school bus, but it is up to the driver to make that decision, depending on the severity of the situation.

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