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Reported by Jason Miles

Customers react to receipt spill on Poplar

Piles of pink papers from A&I Travel Service lined Poplar Avenue Thursday night. Owner Rebecca Martin spent most of the night picking them up.

"Two hours of picking up pieces of paper on Poplar Avenue at rush hour is nothing I want to go through again," Martin said.

Martin wouldn't say if a particular employee was to blame, but it was clear somebody made a big error.

"The fact that this happened is inexcusable," Martin said.

The thousands of travel receipts were supposed to go to the shredder.  They instead ended up in a dumpster, and for some reason, out in the street.  Many of the receipts included personal information like credit card numbers.  We showed Dr. James Speakman a receipt we picked up with some of his personal information.

"Well, I'm not happy at all about my personal information floating around on Poplar Avenue," he said.

His travel receipt goes back four years.  A&I tells us most of the receipts do.  Martin said 20% of the receipts had credit card numbers on them.

"It's not what I expect a vendor to do," said Speakman, the Vice-President of EnSafe Inc.

"We have a shredder," Marin said.  "We have a policy in place to shred documents of this nature, and it was a catastrophic accident for us."

Martin was confident that most, if not all of the receipts are back in-house.  Now it's time to regain customer confidence.

"We're doing everything in our power to make sure they are protected and we can earn that trust again," she said.

Martin said her employees were on the phone all day contacting both customers and credit card companies.  Any customers who still have concerns should feel free to contact them.

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