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Reported by Nick Kenney

Body found in burned car

Deputies and agents from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations are in Marshall County in the Cayce community where they're investigating a homicide. 

Officers found a body inside a burned out car there Saturday after hunters notified police of their discovery. 

With very little evidence, investigators are looking for anything and everything to lead to an arrest.

A typical tow-truck pulled off a dirt road with an atypical haul. It carried a discolored, badly burned, shell of a car that turned into a crime scene.

Hunters found the car and police found the human remains in the back seat.

"We're not sure if it was a male or a female at this time. Pretty bad," says Captain Kelly McMillen with Marshall County Sheriff's Department.

Meanwhile, neighbor Jackie Stone held a yard sale selling everything from books, knick-knacks and glassware to and an uncommon experience. "It really blowed my mind on that because you hardly hear anything going on like that," says Stone.

Police are calling this murder. Sometime overnight, they say, the car was dumped in a secluded area then burned.

Investigators say the fire got hot. Captain McMillen adds, "We're just trying to actually identify the vehicle, where the vehicle's from. The vehicle is burnt tremendously. It's completely destroyed by fire."

There are obstacles that kept police on scene all day: Who died, exactly how, and exactly where.

Police took that car to a garage where they hope to collect more clues that might answer the most pressing questions.

They have not determined the age, race or sex of the person inside the car and the vehicle was so badly burned investigators were only able to get a partial VIN and tag number off the car.

Police are asking anyone who might have information in this case to call the Marshall County sheriff's department.

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