Citizens groups call Lunati plea a victory - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Citizens groups call Lunati plea a victory

Undercover video obtained by Action News 5 shows what was going on inside one of Ralph Lunati's nightclubs before it was shut down late last year: An explicit female sex show.

Lunati's guilty plea was a victory for the group Citizen's for Community Values.

We showed George Kuykendall and Carol Wiley the unedited version of the video.  They were appalled.

Wiley's program, 'A Way Out,' has helped more than 200 women get out of the adult entertainment industry. 
"The sad truth is that for them to even be able to participate for any length of time, then they get into criminal activity more so than this, even though this is criminal," Wiley said.

Kuykendall said Citizens for Community Values hopes city leaders will demand tougher regulation of adult nightclubs.   

"I think if any one of the city council members saw 15 seconds of what you showed me here today, they would vote in to have the best possible ordinances," he said.

Kuykendall said he hopes clubs targeted by the feds will remain closed, but it is only one step in curing a crime problem that affects the entire community.

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