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Reported by Ben Watson

COGIC members bring sense of fashion

It's one of the first things you notice when COGIC Saints get together in Memphis: COGIC members and their fancy wardrobes.

"I just have a one button, high gorge, spread collar suit," said COGIC Saint David Hall, Jr.

COGIC member Patricia Farmer said it is important to look good during the convention.  "I won't step out if I don't," she said.

That means lots of shopping and changes of clothes for those who want to look sharp.
"I think most women think it's the shoes, it's the hat, it's the boots, it's the coat, it's the suit...for most women, yes," said COGIC member Yvonne Beard.

But are these church fashions somewhat over the top?

"I don't particularly care for the suits with the studs in it," Beard said. "I'm kind of low key."

Even among COGIC members there are mixed feeling about it.

"A lot of people think it's a shallow thing, but really and truly, we just come here trying to bring our best," Beard said.

And while COGIC members bring a lot of clothes with them, they also buy a lot of clothes in Memphis, generating extra dollars at area stores.

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