Dyersburg teens describe muddy ordeal - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Andrew Douglas

Dyersburg teens describe muddy ordeal

In rural Dyer county, far off a beaten and muddy path, is a duck hunters playground that almost turned into a deathtrap for 19-year-old Taylor Cole and 18-year-old Adam Davis.

"Right out there," Cole said.  "We went out to get the billfold. He did, and we just got stuck."

"Right there we was going to lay there and die," Davis added. "Freeze to death."

When they pulled or moved, it got worse, and on Monday night it was raining with temperatures in the forties.

"I couldn't feel from my chest down," Davis said. "Couldn't feeling nothing."

"After about the first two hours that went by, we starting just giving up," Cole said.

Fortunately, Cole's wife Ashley knew where the two were, came out, and called 911 on her cell phone.

When rescuers found the teens, they had been stuck in the mid for more than two hours, and their mental state was worse than their physical condition.

"Then were done, as far as mentally," said Dyer County Deputy Adam Fisher.

The first emergency official to reach the pair, Fisher crawled out to them on his belly, and tried to calm them down.

"I gave him the coat and said keep talking, you gotta keep moving, wiggle your legs out," he said.

After almost four hours, four people, and a four wheeler later, the pair was rescued. They were treated for hypothermia at a local hospital, left tired but thankful.

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