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Duck Hunters Stuck in the Mud almost froze to death

Have you ever given up hope of living? It's a frightening state of mind -- and it describes how two duck hunters felt just a few days ago.  In rural Dyer county there is a duck hunters playground. But last Monday it almost turned into a deathtrap for 19 year-old Taylor Cole and 18 year-old Adam Davis. Both of them got stuck in the mud out here and sunk to their chest -- they wiggled and moved for hours as it rained and temperatures dipped into the forties. They said they gave up hope of coming out of it alive.  

"I couldn't feel from my chest down. I couldn't feeling nothing," said Adam Davis.

"After about the first two hours that went by we starting just giving up, " said Taylor Cole. 

Fortunately Cole's wife knew where they were and called 911. Dyer County Deputy Adam Fisher crawled out on his belly, used his coat and body heat to calm them down. After almost four hours, four people, and a four wheeler later, the two got out, were taken to the hospital and treated for Hypothermia. They lived to tell Action News Five their story. 

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