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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Home invasion suspects set house on fire

Memphis police are investigating a home invasion where two people ended up tied up and the house set on fire.

One man is in the hospital with severe burns. It all happened on Whitten View Lane around 2:00 Friday morning.

Investigators say it's going to be a tough case to crack. All investigators know about the suspect is he was wearing a white mask.

And the only victim they haven't questioned is in the hospital in extremely critical condition with third degree burns all over his body.

Police say the suspect came to the home wearing a white mask about 2:30 Friday morning.

"Someone forced their way into the house and bound both of them," says Memphis Police Department Spokesperson, Monique Martin.

Martin confirms the man in the mask bound the two victims with flex-cufs. They then, put one victim in a closet.

"Before they could escape, they heard strange noises in the house," adds Martin.

Neighbors were too scared to talk on camera, but one neighbor says the victim in the plastic cuffs smelled gasoline and escaped to her house.

"He was able to contact the neighbor and advise that there was an incident that occurred, they had been robbed and the needed police help," says Martin.

The neighbor heard a loud bang and tires from a car in the garage had popped under a raging fire.

The fire burned so hot, the mortar and brick cracked and the fire department had to put 55 responders on the call.

It took almost a half hour to control the stubborn fire that literally enveloped a wooden framed house.

"There was quite a bit of fire in the garage area and then up on the second floor and it had transferred into the house, the main body of the house, and the guys had to go in at two different points to fight this fire," says Chip Sneed with Memphis Fire Department.

Fire fighters found the second victim in the closet. Paramedics rushed him to the MED in extremely critical condition.

Action News 5 Investigator Kontji Anthony went to Central Records to find out if the home had a past history of police calls.

Nothing was in the file, but police don't always take reports if they're called to a home.

What was fond was a record of violence on Whitten View Lane. Since last March they've had two robberies, two burglaries four calls on domestic violence and one case of juvenile abuse.

Fire investigators haven't confirmed if gasoline was used to start the fire. The victims are both 21-years-old.

Police are still trying to determine if this was random or if they knew the suspect. The burned victim is still being treated.

Memphis Police are still searching for the suspects in this case.  If you have information that could aid police, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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