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Reported by Donna Davis

Celebrities gather in New York to spin the 'Wheel'

It's Americas favorite game, and even TV's biggest stars got caught up in the frenzy of "Wheel of Fortune's" 25th anniversary at a recent taping at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

"People don't understand," said talk show host Montell Williams. "They've already changed audiences twice today. There are about six thousand people around this building, just screaming in the street!"
And while the celebrities were playing for their favorite charities, they also wanted to show a little love for their contestant partners.

"When I've been playing at home, I've been getting on bankrupt, and lose a turn all the time," said 'Law & Order' actress Diane Neal. "So I'm gonna play with the real wheel...feel the heft and take a couple of practice spins, 'cause I don't wanna ruin it for this guy."

"'Wheel" is a game I grew up with literally," said Jeff Probst, host of television's 'Survivor.' "And unlike 'Jeopardy,' which I played and am horrible at, 'Wheel' was always a show you could have a chance at."

She plays the conniving, manipulative Samantha Brady on NBC's 'Days of our Lives,' so what puzzle would fit Alison Sweeney's alter ego?

"Blackmail, or scheming, or some words that are not appropriate for network television," she said.

Celebrity Chef Paula Deen said she planned on adding some southern flavor to the game, which she called a great distraction from everyday life.

"It's certainly almost therapeutic," she said. "You don't have time to think about anything else. Any of your problems, except what you're doing that second, and that's the way it is when you're in the kitchen."

Celebrity week on 'Wheel of Fortune' starts Monday at 6:30pm on WMC-TV 5.

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