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Recalled Chinese-made toy beads sicken 7 more children in US

UNDATED (AP) - Seven more U.S. children were sickened after ingesting Chinese-made toy beads that were recalled earlier this week because of a toxic chemical coating.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the reports of the sickened children, six of whom were hospitalized, came from at least five states: Texas, Delaware, New Hampshire, Illinois and Utah.

One of the first cases that spurred the recall, involving 20-month old Jack Esses, originated in Arkansas.

The agency recalled the Spin Master Aqua Dots toy Wednesday after two children were knocked unconscious, and then hospitalized, by eating beads covered with a chemical that metabolizes into the compound gamma hydroxy butyrate - the so-called date-rape drug.

The compound can induce unconsciousness, seizures, drowsiness, coma and death. The agency received reports on yesterday and Friday of seven additional children sickened by the product, bringing the total to nine.

The recall covers 4.2 million of the Aqua Dots toys, which consist of colored beads that can be arranged into designs and then fused together when sprayed with water.

The agency received its first report of a sickened child Monday and ordered stores to pull the toy two days later, Vallese said.

Bentonville-based Wal-Mart has directed its stores to remove the toys from shelves and has placed a stop on the products at its cash registers to prevent their sale.

Consumers are encouraged to return the toy to its distributor, Toronto-based Spin Master, which will provide a replacement toy.

The toys are manufactured in China for Australia-based Moose Enterprises, which sells them in 40 countries.

Australian officials pulled them off the shelves Tuesday after three children there were hospitalized after swallowing the beads.

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