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Reported by Jason Miles

Tour of MCS Central Nutrition Center

It's a must see on any tour of the Memphis City Schools Central Nutrition Center.

"This is where our problems came in," says Food Safety Specialist Alexis Caston.

It's a refrigerated area from where tons of frozen food you paid for had to be thrown out.

"Too much food was ordered and the overflow was stored in this area and this is where it thawed," says Caston.

We're told this room was filled with food at the time of the massive mishap.

"You can imagine how much product was in here," says Caston. "But this is what it is supposed to look like," she says as she points to empty shelves.

The refrigerated area is just the beginning of the tour.

"This is the freezer area," says Caston as she points to another room.

That's where the temperature is kept at -10.

"This is the area where we have products behind you that are staged to go out on Monday to the schools," says Caston.

These are all dry goods. It looks scant. But that's on purpose. There's now a quicker turn-around than ever. Food comes in then goes out to more than 170 cafeterias.

"This is the bakery area," says Caston.

This tour is just part of the district's plan to convince you that rampant mismanagement is a thing of the past.

"This is the first time anything of this magnitude has happened," says Interim CNC Director Calvin Johnson. "And I don't think it would ever happen again," he adds.

He's the man now charged with making sure.

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