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Reported by Jason Miles

Rally held days after officers cleared in Farrow killing

"We want justice in the name of DeAunta," sings a crowd of people standing on the spot where the 12 year-old was shot and killed.

They huddle around DeAunta Farrow's mother. 

"We will rally all day long for that cause," they sing.

They sing a song written just for DeAunta.  They voice concerns too.

"We have seen the deterioration of the U.S. Department of Justice," says one man attending Saturday's rally.

The Department of Justice cleared this week two West Memphis police officers of any criminal civil rights violations.

"This is a 12 year-old boy!" says concerned parent Renee Johnson.  "Could have been any one of our kids," she adds.

These people hold out little hope in the two investigations still pending.

"I'm 65 years old--I know what the state will do," says Verna Farrow.

She is DeAunta's grandmother, speaking out for the first time.

"I don't trust them that much," says Farrow.

She's not surprised the two cops were cleared.  But she believes the officer who shot her grandson probably has a hard time sleeping.

"God have mercy on his soul," says Farrow.  "Cause if I killed a kid, even on accident, I don't think I could rest at night," she adds.

DeAunta's grandmother and others here say they won't rest until justice is served, one way or another.

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