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Reported by Jason Miles

Debra Farrow sits down with Action News 5

For the very first time Debra Farrow allows us inside a shed recently built in her back-yard.

"I come out here every now and then and just talk to DeAunta," says Farrow.

The shed is filled with stuffed animals and other momentos that once marked the spot where her 12 year-old son DeAunta was shot and killed by a West Memphis Police officer. 

This will be the first holiday season without DeAunta.

"Every Christmas he would always try to tear open his presents before Christmas morning and he thought I couldn't hear him," Farrow recalls.

Her biggest wish this year is that further investigation reveals a West Memphis officer was wrong in shooting her son.  Police say he was armed with a realistic toy gun.

"I hope that, as far as a state investigation, that he will be held accountable for what he done," says Farrow.

It's a situation in which Debra Farrow never thought she'd be.  But she's here.  And she feels DeAunta is too.

"He's probably looking down saying mama don't give up on me," says Farrow.  "The truth will come out," she adds.

"He's probably telling me go mama go."

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