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Reported by Ben Watson

Blake retained as COGIC Presiding Bishop until 2008

The General Assembly of the Church of God in Christ voted Monday night to retain Charles E. Blake as Presiding Bishop of the church until regular elections are held in 2008.

Monday morning, Blake seemed to be the most popular choice.

"I like what he is doing so far, since he took over as assistant, and how he is trying to make progress," said COGIC member Carol Dillard.
Members told Action News 5 they supported Blake because he was first assistant under Bishop Patterson, and traditionally that position is where presiding bishops come from.
One of Blake's opponents told Action News 5 the vote should happen immediately.

"There should be an election, because as I repeat, the constitution is clear that the presiding bishop must be elected," said COGIC Bishop Chandler D. Owens.

Owens, who was first elected presiding bishop in 1995, was defeated five years later by Bishop Patterson.  This week, he is seeking the office once again, along with Bishops Neal Haynes and Roy Winbush.

COGIC plans to hold a news conference Tuesday morning at which time Blake is expected to make a statement to the media.

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