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Reported by Jason Miles

Puppies stolen from popular Mid-South puppy dealer

"If you want a puppy, you know, just come in and buy one," says Brandi Ungren with The Puppy Corral. "There's no reason in stealing them," she adds.

That's exactly what some crooks did. They pilfered The Puppy Corral near Collierville of nearly a half-dozen prized puppies. First, they tried to pick a lock with a screwdriver.

"Then, they threw a brick through the glass door," says Ungren. "And it shattered," she adds.

Once inside, they simply opened the gates of larger pens. They then walked right up to other pens and lifted the puppies right out.

"We're definitely going to start making it more secure," says Ungren.

Among the puppies stolen were a Husky, Pomeranian, and Sharpei.

"And there were actually two huskies in the pen, they took one," says Ungren. "Two Sharpeis in the pen, they took one," she adds. "So, they'd been in and obviously knew what they were going to take," she says.

You'll pay up to $2000 for these pooches at the Puppy Corral. They bring hundreds of dollars on the street.

"They could be selling them, you know," says Ungren. "There's no telling what they're doing with them," she adds.

Some of these pups have not had all their shots. So, not only is this crime top of mind, but the health of the dogs that were stolen.

The Puppy Corral is offering a $1000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

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