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Reported by Nick Paranjape

Students claim rats are infesting White Station High School

Students at White Station High School were up in arms Wednesday about what they called a rat infestation at their school.

Tony Goodwin, a senior at White Station High, said the rats had taken over.

"We have rats running across the gym floor, and falling out of the ceilings, and coming out of the pipes," he said.

Goodwin quickly admitted he had never personally seen the rats, but had heard about them from his classmates and his teachers.
"The teachers have told us that we need to get our parents to notify the Board of education so it can get taken care of," he said.

Tony's mother, Cyndi, was disgusted about the idea of rats being at her son's school.
"Rats carry diseases, and they can get into things...and the droppings!" she said.

White Station's principal, David Mansfield, said students were blowing things out of proportion.

"There's not really a problem.  We have had some sightings," he said. "Actually, only one sighting, and it was a mouse."

Mansfield said one mouse was spotted scurrying across the gym floor.  He said maintenance technicians were immediately notified, and traps were placed all over the school.  Very little evidence of rodents was found.

"It has only been mainly in the boiler room," he said. "Some feces there, as well as a sighting in the gymnasium area."

Mansfield said construction around White Station's campus may be driving the unwanted pests to the school.

He said the school would continue to monitor the situation, adding the Health Department visited the school Wednesday and determined the school was safe.

Our request to take a camera inside the school was denied.

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