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Reported by Jason Miles

Some consider teen only party too risque

The marquee at the Premiere Palace Ballroom still reads "Heaven & Hell." It was a theme party just for teens we're told packed the place. But some say the party's promotion may have been better suited for adults.

"Clearly pornography," says parent Brunetta Delk.

The advertisement features two young women. One's dressed as an angel and the other a devil. Actually, neither is really dressed at all. We showed it to some parents.

"What do you think when you look at this?" asks Reporter Jason Miles. "Sex," says Polly Harris. "Something they shouldn't be doing," she adds.

Concerned parents tell us fliers promoting the party were floated among students in a number of schools.

We went to the Premiere Palace and spoke with a lady in the office.

"Who made the fliers? I don't know who made the fliers," she says. "Who printed the fliers? I don't know who printed the fliers," she adds.

She says they simply rent this space and never handle promotions.

A little digging on-line turned up the name Casanova Entertainment. So far, our E-mail has gone unanswered.

"Man, we can't even prevent students bringing weapons in school," says Memphis school board member Kenneth Whalum, Jr.

The girls in the ad don't concern him.

"We have staff members and parents who engage in much worse than this in front of their kids," says Whalum.

But many parents still don't like it.

"That's pornography," says Brunetta Delk.

Folks at the Premiere Palace will not say who booked that party. They only say it was for some kid's 18th birthday.

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