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Farrow attorney holds public forum in West Memphis

DeAunta Farrow DeAunta Farrow

The attorney for the Debra Farrow, whose 12-year old son DeAunta was killed by a West Memphis Police officer, held a public forum Saturday asking anyone with complaints against the department to come forward.

Attorney Javier Bailey asked each person with a complaint to give his or her sworn testimony against the West Memphis Police Department.

Bailey said he was is trying to make a case to present to the U.S. Justice Department.

"If we show there is a pattern, practice or custom,not only to investigate it, but to prosecute it," Bailey said.

While Action News 5 cameras were at the forum, turnout was light, with only 10 people present and giving testimony.

West Memphis Police officials have said in the past they have received no complaints about a pattern of violence. 

Friday, the assistant chief said he had "no comment" about the forum.

DeAunta Farrow boy was killed June 22 by a shot from the gun of Officer Erik Sammis.

Officials say Farrow was outside playing with a friend while police were in a car on a stakeout at an adjacent apartment complex. Police have said the boys ran by, yelling, and officers told them to stop.

Police say Sammis fired when it appeared DeAunta was holding a weapon and moved. The officer told investigators he believed the youth was holding a gun. Police said the boy had a toy gun, but the boy's family has disputed that.

According to Bailey, his witnesses say DeAuntae had a potato chip bag in one hand and a soft-drink bottle in the other.

State police have also investigated the fatal shooting, and turned their results over to a special prosecutor. Bailey said the results of that investigation may be released to the family soon.

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