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Reported by Nick Paranjape

Memphis man's website tracks alleged bad drivers

Cary Ortiz is going for a drive, and wherever Cary is going, you can bet he has his camera.

"I have tinted windows and turn the flash off so most of the time nobody realizes I'm taking their picture," he says.

Ortiz takes pictures of "bad drivers."

"I'd get stressed out, I'd see bad drivers, and I would scream and yell," he says.

But Ortiz doesn't do that anymore.  Now, he just snaps a picture.
"I took something negative and turned it into something positive," he says. "Turned it into a good laugh."

A good laugh at your expense, that is, if you're doing something "wrong" on the road like this woman who nearly ran into Ortiz while Action News 5 cameras were riding along with him.

"She's on her phone," he says, looking at the driver. "That's great.  She's smoking a cigarette."

Distracted drivers talking on cell phones really honks Ortiz off.  Another pet stopping in the middle of the road to make a turn.

So how does Ortiz take pictures of drivers while driving himself?

"I have a viewfinder on the back and it's on and all I have to do is hit one button. So I can drive and just go snap," he says. "So there's nothing that hinders my ability to drive and pay attention involved in it."
Ortiz isn't afraid to expose anyone, including police, politicians, and even on occasion an Action News 5 news van.  Once he gets off the road, snapping his pictures of bad drivers in Memphis, he comes straight home, walks in, and logs onto his computer.

He takes the pictures from his camera and puts them on his blog.  Then, he writes.  He says it's all in humor.  Remember, everyone is fair game, including himself.

"If somebody catches me, they can grab a snapshot, and I'll sign it for them," he says.

So, the next time you go for a drive, you better follow the rules of the road, or else.

"I'm out there watching, and you're going to be put on the blog if you're doing something stupid," Ortiz says.

A representative with the National Safety Council says it's a bad idea to take photographs while driving.  You could endanger others, or yourself!  In fact, you could be charged with reckless driving if you're caught or have a wreck.

According to a study by Allstate Insurance, Tennessee is actually home to some of the safest drivers in the country!

Allstate's research shows Memphis drivers are 11.1%  less likely to have an accident than drivers in other parts of the country.

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