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Reported by Nick Paranjape

Arlington High seniors warned to raise their grades

Teachers and school administrators at Arlington High School held a meeting with high school seniors Monday to talk to them about raising their grades.

Students said the meeting addressed a large portion of the senior class who are currently in jeopardy of not being able to graduate because of low grades.  At the meeting, students were told to buckle down and stay on task.

Some students said they heard up to 40% of the senior class at Arlington was in danger of not graduating.  Arlington Principal Jeff Cozzens said that number was way off base.
"We're still so early into the semester," said Arlington High Principal Jeff Cozzens. "For me to make any time of projection at this point, I don't think would be wise."

Arlington student Leigha Bagwell said administrators sent a warning to students.

"They told us that we need to get our acts together," she said. "They were saying if we don't do our jobs, we're not going to graduate. We're not going to walk like the rest of our class."
Cozzens admitted he was troubled by the lax attitude of some of the students, and said the goal of Monday's meeting with the seniors was to be proactive and give them ample time to get their grades up, so they can graduate on time.

Mike Tebbe, Shelby County Schools Spokesperson, disputes the number of students in danger of not graduating. He said the number of students is less than 20.

The graduation rate for Shelby County Schools currently stands at 95%.

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