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Reported by Janice Broach

800 page report details W. Memphis shooting

State investigators talked with a lot of people when they compiled an 800 page report regarding the shooting investigation of DeAunta Farrow.

One of those people was Erik Sammis, the West Memphis police officer who shot and killed Deaunta Farrow. 

The 800 page document is the result of a five month investigation by the state of Arkansas into the shooting death of 12-year-old Farrow.

Special Prosecutor H.G. Foster says, "We find that there is not sufficient evidence to charge Sgt. Sammis or any other member of the West Memphis police department with a criminal offense."

Sammis and his partner were on a stake out at the Steeple Chase apartments where Farrow and his 14-year-old cousin were walking.  

Sammis says, "I saw two individuals walking eastbound in the apartment complex.  It looked like the one on my left was carrying what appeared to be a pistol in his hand, a semi-automatic pistol."

It was DeAunta Farrow and his cousin Unseld Nance.

"Both of us started screaming police drop the gun. Get on the ground, police drop the gun on the ground," continues Sammis. 

Witness Unseld Nance says, "They told us to get on the ground and said put the gun down."

Nance told investigators he and Farrow did not know the people yelling at them were police. Nance says he dropped to the ground immediately, but Farrow did not.

Sammis continues, "The one that had the gun started to raise the gun and he started to point it.  He was facing me. That gun kept coming up. I sidestepped and I pressed the shot. I shot twice."

Sammis says he went up to Farrow. "I asked him are you hit?  He said 'yes, yeah it's a toy gun. That's the last thing he said."

The gun was a toy that resembled a Smith and Wesson semi-automatic weapon; the only difference was the toy had an orange cap on the end.

Investigators say it could not be seen  the night of the shooting.

The West Memphis police are going to begin their internal investigation of the shooting next week.

Sammis is on paid administrative leave. It is not clear at this point if he will return to the West Memphis Police Department.

Sammis did not want to make a comment.

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