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Reported by Nick Kenney

Deal hungry shoppers line-up for Black Friday sales

It's Thanksgiving morning at a local Best Buy.  The parking lot is empty, and the store is closed, but the people still show up.

First in line is Alex Galvez, who moved into his temporary home in front of the store from 5:00 a.m. this Thursday morning, where he will stay until 5:00 Friday morning, when the store opens and Black Friday begins.

"This is my first time being the first time in line, but I think it's the type of experience you gotta do once in your life," he said.

With books, blankets, and belly fillers, the Goetz brothers found themselves second in line, weathering both boredom and the chill in the air.

"Got my tent with my food, my water, and everything I'm going to need for the next 20 or so hours," James Goetz said.

Some stores were open Thursday, and deal hungry shoppers wasted no time snatching up deals.  At a local K-Mart, hundreds of people searched up and down isles hoping to score a deal.


"Because they have good sales," said shopper Carmen Moore.

K-Mart manager Pat Turnage said stores opened on the holiday for shoppers already thinking ahead to the next.

"For the people who want to start early," Turnage said. "It's a good early start for the rest of the season."

So weather you spend Thanksgiving thinking about the mall, shuffling through shelves, or waiting in a tent for a store to open, the shopping season has arrived.

"(It's) definitely an experience," Goetz laughed.

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