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Reported by Jason Miles

Black Friday brings theft for shoppers

The signs say it all. "Stow it, don't show it." It's a message from Memphis Police to help keep your valuables secure this holiday shopping season.

"When you go shopping you got to watch everybody else cause people are so sneaky," says shopper Gloria Nettles.

She should know. A crook recently crashed through her car window and stole some stuff.

"It's just a vicious cycle and that happens all the time," says Nettles.

According to Memphis police, thefts from vehicles currently account for 17.2% of the city's reported crimes. 8600 have been reported since the beginning of the year. And a packed lot is a prime target.

It didn't take Reporter Jason Miles long to find out some people have a lot to learn. Not every car he cased in one lot had valuables in plain view. But others sure did.

"A digital camera right here on the passenger's seat," spots Miles.

There's also an open handbag sitting right next to it. Both belong to Haley Sill.

"We're visiting from Kansas," says Sill. "You're not in Kansas anymore," Miles replies.

Sill plans to keep any shopping bags more secure. That's a good idea as the shopping season officially begins.

Police officers will be handing out brochures throughout the season reminding you of what do. Tip include keeping your car doors locked, keeping items out of view, and keeping trips back and forth to your car at a minimum.

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