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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Parents use caution after 2007 product recalls

This Christmas season, as parents hunt for the hottest toy in town, massive recalls are turning toy chests upside down around the Mid-South.

Recent recalls of toys made in China have labeled popular children's toys as dangerous.  Parent Melissa Lyles said realizing one of her child's toys had been recalled was frightening.

"My daughter  chewed on it like crazy, and then when we saw that, it scared me to death," she said.

More than 25 million Chinese-made toys have been recalled this year because of toxic lead paint or unsafe design defects.

"It's very scary, especially with Christmas coming up," said parent Sherry Wammack. "What toys are safe? What do you buy?"

There could be more recalls.  With almost 85% of all toys sold in the United States made in China, some worry it's nearly impossible to find safe toys.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says extra caution is the answer.  Experts recommend parents buy brand name toys, avoid painted toys, and toys with small parts or magnets.

For a list of toys recalled this year, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website by clicking here.

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