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Reported by Jason Miles

Residents startled by Southaven shoot-out

A bullet still in the street, bullet holes through a window, and shattered glass on the ground are all reasons Charett Ledford will never forget Friday morning.

"I heard the the screaming and yelling across the street," says Ledford.

But the sound of gunfire outside is what woke her up.

"I know I heard at least six shots," says Ledford.

Chopper 5 was soon over the scene. It captured on-camera the aftermath of a shoot-out. Federal agents trying to serve a search warrant were shot at by a person inside. They shot back.

"I saw what looked like AK-47's," recalls Ledford. "I don't know what they were," she says.

She did want to document it. So, she got out her camera and took several photos.

"I was hiding over here," says Ledford from behind a stone column on her front porch. "I started taking pictures," she adds.

All the while she wondered if another bullet might head her way or rip through one of her son's bedrooms.

"Here I am diagonally across and a bullet could have went through a window," says Ledford.

We looked through the windows of the home where the shooting happened. There's no furniture in the living room.

You can see where police searched a sofa in the den.

"4th of July there was a bunch of people in the driveway hanging out just like we were hanging out here," says Ledford.

Besides that, she says she hardly ever saw anyone. Now, she hopes she never sees them again.

"I'd rather that kind of element not be in my neighborhood," says Ledford.

It's a neighborhood no longer cloistered from crime.

Southaven Police have charged Kimberly Washington with shooting at federal agents. She's being held on a $120,000 bond. No word on why the feds wanted to search her house.

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