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Mid-South man behind bars after taking grenade to bar

A Mid-South man may face charges for bringing a live grenade into a bar.

Bar owner Song Lents says Thanksgiving night at her small bar on Highway 209 started out great. "We were really having a good time. People were singing and dancing on the tables."

She says around 11:30 things turned scary when someone she didn't know came inside.

She says the man tried to buy a beer with a credit card. She doesn't take credit. She asked him to leave because she didn't like the way he was acting. When he started to leave, she saw something in the back of his pants that looked like a Ninja weapon. She says he threw it across the bar.

Lents adds, "It was long and had a little horn on the side like a Ninja weapon. I said you better go right now."

She called the police. She says when they handcuffed the man something fell out of his pocket.

Investigators say it was an explosive device that could be a hand grenade. The bomb squad from Memphis evacuated the place.

The ATF was also called into investigate. Lents says the man was looking for someone. "Somebody told me he looking for some lady," she adds.

An ATF spokesperson says the man was looking for a woman. He is now behind bars in the Lauderdale County jail.

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