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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Mid-South teen fakes kidnapping

A 16-year old girl is in trouble with the law facing charges for telling tales and prompting an Amber Alert in Memphis. Police say Ashley Jeffries is facing a felony charge for faking her own abduction.

16- year-old Ashley Jeffries said she was abducted from her home shortly before midnight in the 1600 block of Duke.

Police sent out an Amber Alert just after 9:00 Sunday morning. She was found around 11:00 a.m. in the 1700 block of East Holmes.

Family members say they were sleeping Saturday night when Jeffries disappeared.

But during the night they received text messages from the teenager who said she had been forced into a car at gunpoint.

"She sent about four messages saying it was dark, she was scared, she don't know who the person is, she'd never seen him, don't know where she at," says Tammy Sorja, Jeffries.

Relatives feared the worst when the messages stopped during the night. During a visit with them Sunday morning Ashley called home.

She told relatives she was somewhere in East Memphis.

They formed a caravan and hit the highway. Police and Jeffries was at this corner store on East Holmes Rd waiting when they arrived. Ashley was unharmed.

She said the man who kidnapped her dumped her out of the car in some bushes. She walked to the store and called police and her family.

When Memphis police investigators took Jeffries in for further questioning she admitted that her story wasn't true.

Memphis Police charged the juvenile with false reporting, a felony offense.

Memphis police say no one else will be charged with a crime.

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