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Reported by Jason Miles

Ladies of the night working during the day

You can call it a police success story. A "hooker haven" that is permanently closed. Evidence of its former life, like used condoms, is the only thing left. It's where an Action News 5 crew was once offered a good time at 10:00 in the morning.

Despite the padlocks, day-time prostitution remains a problem. We caught nearly a dozen women walking the streets during one lunch hour. And they were not selling sandwiches.

"I don't have no time baby," one woman told Reporter Jason Miles.

She had no time for us. But she then hopped into some guy's pick-up truck across the street.

Minutes later, another woman denied any crime.

"I'm not no prostitute!" she said.

But the shoes she was wearing were not for walking. A third woman was pointed out by a business owner.

She was "working" within sight of a Memphis Police car. From Elvis Presley Boulevard we go to Lamar Avenue and a very busy gas station. One woman walks up to a customer, chats a bit, then gets into his car.

Meantime, a second gal comes along. She crosses the street to catch her own ride. She and her new "friend" later find a parking spot under a tree.

None of the women we met wanted to talk on-camera. But they're on the news nevertheless. They illustrate a criminal element that never seems to go away, no matter the time of day.

Police say day-time prostitution spikes on sunny days and when it's warmer. But there are just not enough officers to hit the streets 24/7.

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