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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Incoming council members hope for delay in strip club ordinance vote

Regulating sexually oriented businesses in Memphis is in the hands of a Memphis City Council where a majority of members will be leaving office at the beginning of the year.  

"Nothing would make me happier than to delay this until after the first of the year, and let the new council take it up," Council member Scott McCormick said Wednesday.

The current council has two more meetings left to push through a watered-down version of a the Shelby County Commission's strip club ordinance, which would allow alcohol sales at adult clubs in the city. 

Wednesday, Mayor Willie Herenton said he would leave the decision up to the legislative body.

"I think the adult entertainment- all of the ordinances- are promulgated by the legislative bodies, and I think they need to make decisions," he said.

But the city proposal would likely fail if left up to the freshmen lawmakers.

"I would vote to adopt what the county is doing," said City Council member-elect Janis Fullilove.

Many of them wish the current council would put off their vote until they're sworn in.
"Because I think the county's ordinance...that is a good ordinance that's very strong on these topless clubs, and that's the way we need to be," said City Council member-elect Jim Strickland.

"The County Commission took some courageous steps in addressing to what I believe is a precursor to committing more crime," said City Council member-elect Harold Collins.

The City Council has scheduled a public forum on the matter for Thursday at Memphis City Hall, but incoming council members wish they could officially weigh in on a hot button issue before the final vote. 

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