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Jarvis Greer

Nutt Talks to Rebel Fans

No More Pig Sooiee for Houston Nutt..

The Born and Bred Arkansas is now wears the Red and Blue as Head Coach of the Ole Miss Rebels..

Nutt is introduced to a packed house of Rebel Faithful on the Ole Miss Campus...

He takes the Job with enthusiasm, and works the crowd with the passion of Preacher at a Tent Revival.

"My Dad talked to me about all the Tradition here.. From Bruiser Kinard, to Archie Manning, to Deuce McAllister... I had the privilege of coaching against him right over here at this stadium... I didn't like that too much...

I believe we can do anything we want to do here.. It takes commitment, it takes 1 heartbeat... We're going to have fun playing the greatest game in the world... Sometimes we're going to get knocked down...but as long as you get right back up it's alright. I'm soo proud to be here and soo proud to be your Head Coach."

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