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Reported by Janice Broach

West Memphis firefighter charged with assault

A West Memphis firefighter is charged with assaulting and robbing his girlfriend. Michael Earl Jiles is still on the job according to the fire chief.

West Memphis police charged Jiles for assaulting and robbing his girlfriend. The police report says Jiles went to the woman's house at 2:30 Monday morning and began beating on her door until she opened it.

Tonni Marie Ellis said Jiles accused her of cheating on him then pulled her hair, hit her in the face, choked her and stole $100.

Ellis says Jiles also went to his truck and got a gun and threatened to kill her then drove toward her and then left.

West Memphis Police stopped Jiles at an intersection. They told him to get on the ground and he did. Then they asked him if he had a gun in his truck. He said yes.They looked inside and found a 38 Special."

West Memphis Fire Chief Eddie Spears says he won't take any action against Jiles because he is just accused at this point.

"He's not really relieved of duty. It happened off duty. Business as usual," said Jiles.

Tonni Marie Ellis did not want to comment. Meanwhiile, Michael Earl Jiles is out on bond.

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