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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Inmate shot during fight at Crittenden County Jail

Crittenden County Jail Crittenden County Jail

Authorities said an inmate was shot by a gun smuggled into the Crittenden County jail Friday morning.

Guards said they heard a fight going on in the 320-inmate jail late Friday morning. Those arriving to the scene said they found one inmate shot and another injured with minor cuts and scratches.

Jail administration Zane Boyd said both inmates were taken to the Crittenden County Regional Hospital, and the shooting victim was later transferred to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis.

Both inmates were later returned to the jail in good condition.

Boyd says investigators later found a small-caliber handgun in a shower drain. He says authorities don't yet know how the gun was brought onto prison grounds.

"We're not ruling out anything right now," he said. "We're keeping an open mind, trying to go down all avenues to find out exactly what took place."

Zane said, in a suspicious event Thursday night, the inmate with minor injuries from Friday's fight from a fall went to a local hospital Thursday after falling down.  However, the inmate was under guard, and Zane said his trip didn't necessarily mean he was the one who brought in the gun.

Inmates at the Crittenden County Jail normally have no contact with outsiders during their stay.  Inmates there visit with their family members through a video conference system.

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