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Reported by Blair Simmons

Southaven mayor eyes future political prospects

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis. Southaven Mayor Greg Davis.

The resignation of a long time Mississippi state senator has the mayor of one DeSoto County city looking to the future.

Southaven Mayor Davis said Friday that Senator Trent Lott's decision to step down after 35 years will have big implications for the State of Mississippi.

"In a state where you have very few numbers of representatives, seniority is a huge role on how federal government can help the state of Mississippi," he said.   

And, Davis said, the shifting of power will open up the opportunity for others to step up to the plate.

Two people being discussed as possible successors to Lott's senate seat are U.S. Representative Roger Wicker and State Senator Merle Flowers.

Davis says he knows Wicker, and is confident he would be a good man for the job.

"He fought hard for the city of Southaven and DeSoto County and rest of the district," Davis said. "He's brought home over two to three million dollars in federal grants for our cops."

And if Representative Wicker moves to the senate, and the First Congressional District seat becomes open, Davis said he will going to go after it.  In fact, he's already pre-campaigning, making calls and garnering support...just in case.

"I'm very happy doing the job as mayor, but I think if the 1st Congressional District opens, I'd have an opportunity to serve a larger population and help Mississippi out in the long-haul," he said.

Right now, Davis is in a holding pattern, waiting for Lott to officially resign, and waiting to see if Wicker will fill that seat.

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