Vice team conducts sting against male prostitutes - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Jason Miles

Vice team conducts sting against male prostitutes

It's a good thing Boss Crump's statue is facing Poplar Avenue from his Overton Park perch.  Some of what goes on in the woods there might even make him blush.

"It's just not a good thing to have around the community, period," says one park visitor.

"This is a family place and should stay a family place," says another.

Male prostitutes are making it hard in parts of the park.  Men enjoying much more than nature.

Lt. Chris Moffatt showed us where the Memphis Police Vice Team conducted a sting this week.  Nearly a dozen men got "stung."

"The person would expose themselves to our undercover officer and in a couple of instances offered to perform sex acts in exchange for money," says Moffatt.

It's a problem that has plagued visitors to Overton Park for years.

"We've run across people engaged in sex acts and have actually seen them where they flash you as you come by," says Moffatt.

Action News Five caught some of the same brazen behavior on camera a few years back.  We sent an undercover staffer into what somebody had dubbed "the fruit loop."  He was offered drugs and, of course, sex.

"You know, things like that, it's just not a good thing to have," says a park visitor.

Not in a public park she adds, neither back then nor now.         

Police conducted their sting after receiving a number of complaints from the public.  They will continue to go undercover in the park as long as there is a problem.

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