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Reported by Blair Simmons

Residents battle over proposal to build wall near country club

The battle over a stretch of Goodwyn Road near the Memphis County Club could go all the way to the Memphis City Council.  The fight centers around the span of Goodwyn Road between Southern and Central, next to the Memphis County Club.

Neighbors are fired up about the proposal to build a wall just outside the country club, which they say is simply the priviledged trying to segregate themselves from the poor.  The proposed wall would cut off Goodwyn at Southern, making it harder for neighbors on the Southern side to get around. 
Monday, resident Gwen Carpenter said blocking off the street would not only be a hassle, but it would put all the traffic load on Greer and Haynes.  Carpenter said the wall would also make it harder for emergeny vehicles to quickly access her neighborhood.

"There was an awful rape on this street in the spring," she said. "Everyone was upset about it.  That's what started it, but what's happened is now it's become more of a racial and power thing. I they can block the street off, this whole street is private entrance right to Memphis Country Club."

Neighbor Chris Rooke agreed.

"I think it's terribly elite to have people on this street think it's right to cut off their street...a public street that's a major thoroughfare between Southern and Central," he said. "(It's) interesting to note they don't wanna close the street at central.

The Memphis Planning and Zoning Commission at City Hall Tuesday to vote on whether or not to put the issue on the agenda for the full City Council to hear.

Carpenter said if the proposed wall is not rejected, it could go to the council for approval.

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